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Well-being through movements

How does it work?

The exercises of the method stimulate blood-flow in, and around our pelvic area, and the reproductive organs. With increased blood supply the essential hormones, nutrients and oxygen supply also increases, which in turn improves and accelerates the body’s natural healing processes. Hormone production returns to age appropriate levels and is maintained through a feedback mechanism connected to the pituitary gland (hypophysis).

Aviva method consists of a series of excersises and acts side-by-side with conventional medicine, to support and strengthen the female reproductive system and organs. It offers the body an opportunity to heal itself, and also supports natural and spontaneous fertility to occur. It can be a form of ‘second blossoming’ instead of the expected decline for women experiencing menopause.

The Method was officially recognised by various health institutes in Israel and Hungary, and is registered with the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

For women

This method is useful for girls and women of reproductive age, as well as menopausal and post-menopausal women. It is, however, not useful for women who take oral contraceptives, or use an IUD (intrauterine device).

What is its purpose?

Female health, period related complaints

  • Regulates irregular menstrual cycle
  • Starts regular periods when they are absent
  • Helps to achieve a 28-day menstrual cycleHelps to achieve a 28-day menstrual cycle
  • Gradually shortens the length of periods from 5 (or more) days to 3 days
  • Effective in overcoming menstrual pain, cramps and PMS
  • Helps in reducing/ceasing uterine fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, cyst

Increasing fertility

  • Balances hormone levels
  • Stimulates ovulation
  • Helps to reduce the chance of recurring miscarriages
  • Opens up narrow or blocked fallopian tube
  • Prepares for IVF and increases success rate
  • It may assist women over 35 to revitalise their reproductive system and enhance their chances of pregnancy

For menopausal women

  • Decreases menopausal symptoms, such as heat waves, vaginal discomfort, unwanted hairgrowth
  • Previene el prolapso uterino y de la vejiga
  • Alleviates symptoms of depression
  • Delays the development of osteoporosis
  • Reduce la incontinencia urinaria
  • Hormonal balancing without medication

For men

The 12 movements developed especially for men can help in

  • preventing or relieving prostate problems (e.g. inflammation or enlargement of the prostate)
  • eliminating erectile dysfunction
  • recovering male fertility (improving the quantity, vitality and mobility of sperm)

How can You learn it?

The excersises are moderate and easy to learn. The regular practice (twice or three times a week) of the 30 minutes long workout can help restore fragile hormonal balance and return the body to equilibrium. Furthermore, it is maintaining your physical and emotional wellbeing.

The exercises can be learned at a workshop, or by taking private lessons. Once someone is familiar with the movements, they can either practice at home, or can participate at the Aviva practice classes.


The workshops are in Spanish. Please contact me for prices of private classes in English.

About Aviva

Aviva, Gabriella Steiner was born in 1930, in Budapest, Hungary. After World War II., she was moved to Tel Aviv and became a successful ballerina there. After finishing her career she dedicated her life to gymnastics and healing.

She developed a series of exercises for elderly women in Israel in 1966. After the first month there were two participants that came to the class who were well over their menopausal age. All the others had begun to menstruate again. After these occasions began she examine the effect of the movements. She studied anatomy, physiotherapy as well as the ancient fertility dances.

The Aviva Method known today is a product of 28 years of research and application. 

Currently, she lives in Tel Aviv. Her method gives hope and solutions to a lot of women who have problems with their reproductive system. However, Aviva is most proud of the birth of all the beautiful children whose mothers had previously been treated for infertility in vain, and who had finally conceived with the help of her exercises.

Who I am?

My name is Adrienn and I am a certified instructor of the Aviva Method from Hungary. In 2014 a fibroid was found in my womb. I am convinced that there is no disease just signs that your body sends to you to take notice that you should make a lifestyle change. I also believe that by facing the emotional reason behind the physical symptoms and by practicing excersises we can greatly support our body in healing itself. I was advised to try out Aviva’s method -so I did.

The fibroid was gone, however, I found some other advantages with the method. My mood became  much better after the workout. Furthermore, it was an excellent body shaper, specially in the areas of the waist, hips, tights and lower abdomen. I began the trainer course as soon as it was possible, because I believe that this workout series should be known to all women who have any kind of discomfort with their femininity. And what woman doesn’t have any of these in our current world? :)

I am still practicing regularly for the sake of prevention and for my physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Holistic Pulsing

By moving the body in a rhythmic rocking motion stress is released, the mind becomes relaxed and the harmony between the body and the soul is created.

Holistic pulsing is a soft but a profound method with powerful effects including:

  • it helps to relieve nervousness, tension, anxiety, depression, fear, sleep problems, chronic fatigue and learning difficulties
  • it fills up the body with energy, stimulates its own self-healing mechanism, strengthens the immune system, lubricates the joints
  • it improves metabolism, contributing to the ideal body weight, restores our flexibility, harmonizes the endocrine system – rejuvenates our body and soul
  • for pregnant women, it helps to tune in the baby and to create a deeper bond.

The human body is made up of approx. 70% water. The wonderful feature of water is that it always finds its way. Though it seems insignificant, its strength is enormous. The secret of Holistic Pulsing lies in the same soft power. As the quietly swirling stream of water rounds the toughest stones, the gentle rocking is able to release the energy blocks from our body and soul.

It is a true wellness experience as well as an excellent complement to medical treatments and alternative therapies. Despite its softness, it is extremely effective since our nervous system responds more positively to pleasant and gentle feelings than to strong pressure or pain.

It also changes our attitudes towards everyday life difficulties. All feedbacks from clients reflected that their nervousness, tension, anxiety and fear decreased. Moreover, they became able to handle challenges easier.

Price: 40€ / 60 min. The second occasion is for free.

Ponme lo bailao

At each class we learn a simple choreography with a focus on how to express our femininity and our inner world. What more can we expect?

  • Moving is liberating... Specially when dancing to Latin music.
  • At first it may be a bit unsettling to look at yourself in the mirror as your body moves in different ways but with some practice, you will begin to appreciate and like what you see.
  • When you start to dance, you begin to realize the relationship between your body and your feelings.
  • Over time you will see the difference in your movements as they become more synchronized and flowing.

Feel free to start! No past dance experience is required, just you and your cheerfulness. I suggest wearing a comfortable outfit and some warm socks or your favorite dancing shoes.

How did the idea come?

Moving has always played an important role in my life. I learned a lot about myself on the dance floor in the past fifteen years dancing to flamenco and New-York style salsa. Dancing not only helped me to connect with my inner world, but also to perceive how I connect to my dance partners, to men in general, how I behave in a relationship and how I live my life in on a whole. Dancing also contributed to discover the relationships between my feelings and the signs of my body. I slowly started to notice and understand its messages. With time I was beginning to respect my body more and more, and now I’m able to love it like never before.

During my classes I would like to share these experiences and feelings with women who do not necessarily want to participate in dance classes with male partners, but want to express their femininity in a safe environment where there are only us ladies and the music (and the mirror☺).